Sunday, December 6, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

As you might have guessed, I have been extremely busy making gifts. I will have to post them at a later date. However, I can leave you with a couple things that I have done previously.

Last year I made a wreath out of crochet leaves.
I got the pattern off of Lionbrand, but there are many different patterns for leaves that you can use that are free online. You can even use different leaf patterns or add crocheted pinecones (I posted a pattern for them in a previous post). At first I didn't know how to decorate it, but I took it into Michael's for some advice. I think it turned out really well. I didn't make the bow, but they are easy to make and instructions on how to are easy to find online.

I also had left over leaves that I could use to make smaller wreaths to go around door handles (a project that I haven't gotten to yet). I loosely put it together and decorated it with groups of red buttons(for the berries) and it looked really cute.

Another quick idea for a gift or stocking stuffer is coupons. For example, "One coupon that is good for dinner of your choice", "One coupon for a movie of your choice", "etc. My mom always loved these when we gave them to her, especially the ones that gave her "One free foot rub". You can google for more coupon ideas, and even templates if you want to get fancy.

Good luck with your holiday shopping and happy crafting!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Curtains, jewelry and tidbits!

I finally got around to making curtains for my bedroom. When I first moved in, I broke the blinds, and have wanted to tactfully cover the window ever since, but only had a valence. That and taping the blinds together just wasn't cutting it. I made these out of a sheet that I also used to make my boyfriend's smurf hat. I think it was originally a sheet that he accidentally took when he left the navy. I hemmed all the edges and made a casing by folding over the top so the curtain rod could go through. They turned out shorter than I expected, but am still pleased with the results. I haven't decided whether or not I want to dye them, since the sun will bleach them.

I finished my tshirt scarf. I originally intended for it to be crochet, since I prefer crochet to knitting. However, I could not find my Q Hook, which would have been big enough to crochet it (I was having difficult with crocheting with my N Hook. Instead I used my size 13 circular needles. It turned out heavier than I expected, but I like it.

I also made a lot of jewelry this past week, here is the bracelet/necklace I made. The finished product is about 3 1/2'. It can be wrapped as a necklace several ways (one style to the left).

I also made several pairs of earrings.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finishing last minute projects before I start crafting Xmas!

This shirt was originally short sleeve, and the neckline was all the way up to the neck. I cut the sleeves and sewed the edges for a more finished look. I also cut the neckline....a little too big. So then I decided to crochet around the neckline. However, I'm still not happy with it. I was thinking about cutting out a diamond a little below the neckline and crocheting in the hole, but I'm not sure. I think the color bugs me (it's peach if you can't tell in the picture). I may just give it away, since I have been working on it for several months now.

I had previously was working on a purple shrug, but I bought the yarn last year at Joann's and can no longer find it. So I finally gave up and took it apart :-/. It was sad, but I
happy that it wasn't lying around anymore collecting dust.

The red hat that I previously posted had the same fate. I had used the Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat Pattern as a guide, and instead of using single crochet I used double crochet. I wanted to give it a more net-like look as well, andI don't like crocheting in the round with single crochet . It didn't turn out well, so I cut it in the middle and added the original pattern where I tried to do my own thing. However, that didn't work either because I joined it using single crochet, and it made it more tight that the rest of it, so it looked funny when it was on my head. *sigh* As I said, I took it apart, and just redid it using the pattern. I have come to terms with single crochet in the round and I am not against it anymore. I could never find the beginning of my row, even if I marked it....because I kept marking the wrong stitch :) I like using bobby pins to mark my stitches since I have an over abundance. On a side note, these hats are great to keep your head warm in the morning if you wet your hair or if your having a bad hair day:)

I had extra scraps left over from last week when I made my ball of tshirt. I could not use the hemmed edges since they were too thick, but they are perfect for scrap curlers :) To make scrap curlers, you need about 8"-10" of a piece of fabric. Done! To put them in, fold it over (you have a loop on one side, like in the picture) and wrap your hair around it. When you get to your scalp or as far up as you want to go, take one of the ends and slip it through the loop. Tie it tight. You only need to tie it once and it will hold. These are very comfy and you can sleep in these. For best results, I suggest damp hair with some product in it so it holds better.

Go green and save your lightbulbs! My last project is the light bulb snowman. I have been wanting to make this for several months, but was waiting until it was more seasonal. I am really pleased with how it turned out, although it was a little more difficult to put together than I thought it would be since I installed a wire loop so it could be easily hung on a Christmas tree. I came up with a quick pattern for the hat and the scarf is just chaining. The pom-pom on top of the hat is just cut strings that I brushed so they would poof out.
Pattern for the hat:
Chain 13, join, sc 5 rows. tie off, but leave a 'tail'. Take the tail and weave in and out around the top row and pull tight. Take original tail and tie to tail at the top with a square knot. Turn inside out.

You will have extra yarn inside, but it won't matter since it will be glued on the top of the light bulb.

To put in the hook: I used jewelry wire. I put a dot of hot glue on the silver part of the light bulb to secure the end of the wire. I wrapped the wire 3 times around the top, put it through the top of the hat and back down to make a loop and twisted it. I then wrapped the wire around the silver part of the light bulb and put hot glue inside and slid the hat over the top before it dried.

I hope I explained this well, if you have any questions, don't hesitate. Happy holidays and happy crafting!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I win!!!

Here is a picture of the blanket I made for my friends wedding, as promised :)

After several days of boycotting the "skirt" I finally got back to it. When I left it, it was a piece of fabric, in the shape of a skirt, it was not sewn together in a complete circle. I found a hole close to where it was going to be sewn together, so it became asymmetrical. I installed a zipper (and I did a really good job for my second zipper ever), and added ribbon over the seams in addition to a bow. I cut an asymmetrical hem (longer in the back and on the right side) and used a zig-zag stitch to finish it off because there was no way I could have hemmed it. I have a picture of me modeling it because 1.) someone commented before on wanting to see it on someone, 2) it looks better on, and 3) I remembered :). Anyways, I am very pleased on how it came out hence the "I Win!" since this project turned into a real pain.

Another project I did was make tshirt yarn. The purpose was to make it into a scarf, but I can't find my larger crochet hook at the moment :-/ I took an old XL men's tshirt and starting at the bottom, continuously cut around the entire shirt (like spiral). When I got to the armpits, I cut off the sleeves and did the same spiral cutting. Since I cut off the arms, I just cut strips from the front and back of the tshirt. I sewed all pieces together and rolled it into a ball. I have also seen this done with regular fabric, which frays and gives it a different look. You can also knit with it too.

I also made some cute earrings out of leftover headpin pieces. Headpins are the "pins" that you put the beads on to make the earrings. I have leftovers from other earring that I have made, and just saved them.

I found a killer recipe to spruce up broccoli.
I made some mashed potatoes to go along with the meal, and it was really good on those as well. However, I omitted the cashews because they are the only type of nuts that I don't like. But it turned out really well anyways. I suggest to add the sauce to the broccoli right before you serve it. I let mine sit, and it soaked into the broccoli (it was still good though).

Last minute, my boyfriend decided he was going to be "Indian Smurf". After some running around and spending about $20.00 on blue body paint, the only thing missing was his hat. I took and old sheet and free handed a pattern. I installed a little elastic in the back to ensure that it would stay on, and put some stuffing in the top so it would maintain the shape. And done. Here's a picture of him in his full costume.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I started off with a pair of men's dress pants, but wasn't sure of what to do with them. I had seen before how people can make them into a dress, but didn't really want to go that route. So I decided that I would keep them as pants, but just make them straight leg and to fit me. I took off the zipper and cut off the waistband. Then I realized that I cut off too much of the waistband....plan B....make a skirt. So I figured make a skirt with a pleated type deal and to secure it on, use a ribbon to tie on the side. Well, I sewed it wrong, so after working 3 hours on it, I gave up for the night.

Yey! I finished my costume. It's actually 3 pieces plus the wings, belt, and halo. I started out with a really long skirt and cut jagged pieces out of it and sewed it together. It didn't work out though....the skirt was made of really stretchy material, to the point where it was difficult to sew. The pieces I sewed together didn't lay the way that I expected them to.....plan B...add another skirt underneath and a belt to cover up the botched up sewing job. So....I put some grommets in the skirt to match the belt. I dug out a shirt in my closet and cut the long sleeves up the the elbow so they became more or less, bell sleeves and again added grommets. For my halo, I used wire to make the halo, painted it black, added feathers on the top and bottom to cover the wire, and attached it to a black plastic headband. Ta da! Dark Angel. PS-- long day at work + no sleep = bad picture. For more tips, tricks, and costume ideas, checkout

Here is another project that I was working on. I know it's a little late since tomorrow is Halloween, but it's a paper mache pumpkin. All you need for this one is water, flour, a balloon, and paint. Very easy and simple. You can also use a mix of glue and water, but I think the flour and water mix works better. However, I learned the hard way that if you don't use it right away, it will become rancid over night. And it smells aweful! Anyways, cut strips of paper and cover the balloon in several layers (I forgot to do that). To make it sit instead of roll, I just squished the bottom a little. I also pressed the "stem" down to make it more set in and realistic, if that makes sense. You could also make a candy bowl out of paper mache by covering the outside of a bowl with several layers. Lionbrand's website also has a "web" bowl with yarn instead of paper.

Happy Halloween and Happy crafting!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Christmas and Halloween Crafting

I finished all the pinecones (YEY) for the family. Now to decorate them? I liked both of these the best because it only seemed fitting to decorate with both green and red :) This one is just a green bow with a button glued on it. The "snow" is not glitter, it's called "Diamond Dust" by Twinklets. I found out that it's actually ground up glass...but it's so fine, that it won't cut you, so no worries. Awesome way to recycle glass :)

This pinecone is just 3" pieces of ribbon glued together with pony beads glued on top. To make, take your section of ribbon and place the ends on top of each other, right side of the ribbon facing up. The ribbon will make the loop itself. I glued the beads on there to make it look like holly and to cover up the ribbon where it was glued. Really easy. I also tied some fishing line onto it BEFORE I glued down the ribbon so that it could be hung (p.s. glue the "holly" on top of the knot on the string).

I finished my wings! I love how they turned out, and they were so easy to make! I decided to change the shape of the wings and go for a more "pointy" look. To finish them, I picked up a pair of black knee highs for .50 at Goodwill....still in the packaging, never used. I tied one over each side, and covered the knot in the middle with wide ribbon. I just used regular elmers and a paint brush to put on the feathers (i put glue on the stretched knee highs and the feathers). I also found out that my wings were not the same size, so I just faked it by putting more feathers on one side. I tied two

lengths of ribbon around the middle so that I could tie my wings on.

I had a lot of fun making this curtain for Halloween. I got the idea off of It's a Dollar store plastic curtain and 50 cent paint. Cheap, easy. In the episode on Threadbanger, they take it outside, but feeling lucky, I just left it to hang in the bathroom, which actually worked out better because then the paint could drip, making it more realistic. They also used a large paintbrush to fling the paint, but since I didn't a big enough paintbrush(my largest artistic one wasn't making the cut....haha, pun) I used a spoon.

I cut the tombstones freehand out of a cardboard box I picked up at work, and "mixed" the paint on the tombstone to give it a more dreary look. The bats and ghosts are just paper cut outs from templates I found online. All you have to do is Google it, there are hundreds of free templates. I just traced a circle for the moon.

Last but not least, I finished my sweater! I was so excited, but as previously mentioned, it is a size too big. It is supposed to be a medium, but it probably fits a large or extra large. I tried it on and looked like a football player. LOL.

Still working on more Halloween and Xmas projects. I have a lot of presents figured out for what to make who, so I'm really proud of myself for starting so early this year. The only bad thing is that they look at my blog so I won't be able to share what I am working on :( Never fear, I will show off my work after the holidays. If you are the crafting type and are looking for ideas, I highly suggest that you visit It has lots of project ideas and even a spot that you can ask for crafting suggestions on the forum for those loved ones that you are clueless on. Happy Crafting!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Warmer weather and Halloween!

I just finished this hat this morning. I got the pattern off of I recently fell in love with this blog....really easy patterns and very cute things. This is the convertible hat from this website (I love convertible versatile!). I decided not to add beads, and it is only one color. It took a little more than half a skein of yarn to make. It's actually a really pretty sky blue, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Here is a scarf/shawl that I finished earlier this week. I've never made anything like this before, because I always associated shawl with old lady. But April's scarf was so cute that I had to try it. I think it turned out really well, and it's warm. I'm not sure about the color, but I think it's growing on me. This is also versitile as a scarf, or as just a shawl. You could also wear it as sleeves by putting it over your shoulders and taking the ends and tie them behind your back, underneath the back of the shawl.

Halloween! I haven't been doing a whole bunch of stuff for Halloween, sad to say, but I have a lot of ideas. I just need to go shopping (should be next week,that and I haven't gotten back to my sewing machine yet). I got this idea off of a shirt I saw on I used an off-white yarn and chained my heart out. Chaining is the foundation to crochet. I chained 5 lengths, all purposely uneven because nothing is perfect in nature. I laid them out so they criss-crossed and losely measured how long the final chaining length (the one that makes the spiral pattern) would need to be and made that. I wrapped yarn around the middle of the criss-crossed pieces then attached the end of the final chaining length to it. I used 3" pieces to attach the long piece to the shorter criss-crossed pieces with square knots. My final web is about 3' in diameter and it took less than half a skein. I later found a website on how to make a web without chaining and just using the yarn itself, however, I think it would be hard to store and would get tangled easily.
I found a pattern for this eyeball door knob cover:

Here is my first attempt at it. I like the idea, but I don't like the pattern for it. It is also difficult because are door knobs are really small. I think that I will attempt it again, but add a tie to put it on so it is adjustable and will fit over a number of door knobs.

Here's part of the costume that I made for last year. I picked up a man's black 2XT (T=Tall) at Goodwill. I used the pinch and pin method to make it fit me. Since it was "Tall" it was also definitely long enough. This is a good base for many costumes....I was a cop last year, add sunglasses, badge, and handcuffs. French maid, add apron, feather duster, and lacy hair accent (you could even be Magenta). I'm sure there are many more things you could be.

This year, I'm going to be a dark angel. I originally was going to go with the "tattered" fallen angel type deal, but I wanted to make my own wings. I found a tutorial on (just search for "fairy wings") how to make fairy wings and I've been dying to try it out and I found my opportunity. Here is the skeleton to the wings. I still need to pick up some hosiery and feathers. Not sure what I'm going to do for the main costume, but that will probably be inspired from the wings.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Once a week (look away little kids)

I decided to post once a week since I have been aggressively working on projects, which leaves little time to actually post progress. So down to business.....

I recently joined the site which is a knit/crochet website. I found it through one of my free pattern searches (I can sit there for hours searching for new patterns). Anyways....I found a pattern for a thong...and, of course had to make it. It was originally written in a different language, and translated, so the pattern is difficult to follow word for word. I eventually just used it as a guide and was going to rewrite the pattern, but have not gotten to it yet. I used cotton string (used to actually be kite string) and the recommended hook. I was really pleased with how it turned out. Yey, now I can make my own underwear (be jealous, lol)!

I also have been working on my weekend sweater because I am determine to finish it. The pattern is difficult and confusing because it seems to jump around as to what it wants you to do. I ended up taking apart the first piece that I finished and restarted again, twice. This pattern should probably have corrections, but does not. I have the front and back both done and part of one sleeve. It seems that the sleeve is going to be too big, so I may decide to start over again depending on how much bigger it gets. Here is the pattern link again:

I also have finished fifteen out of 20 pinecones (the xmas presents that I previously mentioned). I have to do 5 more but have not yet gotten to the store to get more yarn. They are not decorated yet, obviously, but am happy at how they turned out.

On a sad note, I have discontinued many sewing projects because my machine is acting up again and I have not yet had the time to fight with it :(

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crochet, soup, crochet...

I previously posted how excited I was that I found more yarn by taking apart a previous project (a shrug). Sadly, I have run out :(....again. Here's how far I got. I am probably 3/4 of the way done if not more and I'm really excited about it since this will be my 3rd wearable project that I have been working on. I am hoping that they get the yarn in soon, and I'm crossing my fingers that they still make it and carry it. PS--not my foot, lol.

I also made some soup, it was SOUPER easy (hahaha). You pretty much used whatever veggies you have around in your place, cut them up, throw them in a pot, boil 20-30 minutes and dinner is served! Here's my recipe:

6 boullion cubes (vegetable or beef)
7 c. water
1/4 c. shredded carrots
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
1 small can tomato sauce
pinch fresh rosemary
3/4 c. pasta, uncooked
1 c. cut up spinach
3 potatoes cubes
4 T. dried parsley

Like I said before, throw everything in the pot except the pasta, which you want to add about 15 minutes before it's done so it doesn't get soggy. You can use any type of pasta, elbow macaroni, alphabet noodles, you can even break up spaghetti and use that. It's a very forgiving recipe. You don't have to use spinach, you can add cut up tomatoes, celery, etc.

I recently restarted working on a blanket that I started about 5 years ago. I started it freshman year, but a year or so after that I set it next to a heater in a plastic bag. Naturally, the bag melted to it, yellowing the yarn. I stopped working on it at that point in time since I didn't have the heart to take out the 1-2 feet out that had partially turned yellow since I had put so much work into it. So I took it home and my mom and my boyfriend were nice enough to do it for me after I had left the room (I was really that disappointed). But I recovered and now am working on it again. It is not from a pattern, it's just a shell stitch, so I am just going to continue on it until A) I get sick of it or B) I decide it's long enough. I originally made it with the intention that it would be big enough to completely fit under it. As of right now it is 55" x 67" so I could fit under it now, but I'm still going.

I am also really excited about Halloween that is coming up since it is my favorite holiday. I will focus my efforts on Halloween projects for the month, especially since I have almost no decorations for the holiday, surprisingly enough. Well, signing out....happy crafting!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back from a long vacation

I finished my "secret" project over the weekend, and I was so excited! It was a blanket that I made as a wedding present. I forgot to take a picture, but it turned out really well. Here is the original pattern that I got off

The pattern itself is fairly easy, although it was smaller than I liked so I made two of them and put them together, and it turned out good. I used purple for the circles, then white, and then black for the main color. Hopefully I can get a picture of it at some point in time, when I get to it, lol.

After I had decided on what the wedding present was going to be, I realized that I had nothing to wear! I had several formal dresses and some really casual dresses, but nothing in between. So...I decided to get creative on a pinky-lilac strapless that I had (Sorry no before pic). I had bought it originally on a whim at Goodwill. The original color was way too light for a fall wedding, so I dyed it purple with fabric dye in the washing machine. I would recommend this type of dying because it is quick and easy, and the color comes out even since it is constantly being agitated. I sewed the ribbon on the bottom and the bow under the bustline. Easy and quick, the hardest part was deciding what to originally do with the dress since it was a blank canvas.

I found a bolero that I never wear that I made a while ago. I never liked how it fit, and I thought it came out too small, so I took it apart and have been using that to make the purple shrug that I stopped working on. I probably would have been done by it now, but I have had to continuously take rows out because I keep forgetting either the chain or the other double crochet on the "V" stitch. I have also quickly decided that I don't like the "V" stitch, lol.

I figured out the problem on the sweater I started last week thanks to my mother :) I was definitely reading the pattern wrong. I am also really happy that what I am making is looking like the pattern (that means I'm doing it right!). However, I have now run into a problem with the shoulders. It seems like the pattern was written completely different for both sides. Not just backwards so it would look the same. I set it down last week, and haven't picked it up since because I just came back from vacation on Wednesday (yey for long vacations!).

One more thing I made was "pizza pockets". I used the same pizza recipe that I used for the calzones, but folded them into little pockets similar to hot pockets. Mine are not as flaky, but I'm told it's a good thing. It was also more convenient to have the sauce already in them then dipping them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last week's projects

Sad news...I used up all the purple yarn on the shrug that I was working on, and neither Joann's and Michael's has more :( So that project has been permanently on hold. Good news, I found the lost hook that I was using to make the hairpin skirt (who would think that I would loose both hooks I had?)! I started a new pattern:
But I'm having trouble with it. I understand how the panel pattern fits into the pattern, but I am stuck on the 2nd row of the panel pattern. I have tried it several times with no avail, at least the way I'm reading the pattern. Any help would be appreciated :)

On to the pictures! Well sort of. I made Vegetable Rice Salad for a Labor Day cook out. It was so easy and tasted really good.

Vegetable Rice Salad

1 c. Mayonnaise
1 T. Vinegar
1 small clove garlic, minced
1 t. salt
1/4 t. pepper
2 c. cooked rice, cooled
10 oz. Frozen peas, thawed
1/2 c. shredded carrots
1/4 c. chopped green onions

Combine first 5 ingredients. Stir in remaining ingredients. Cover and chill.

I substituted yellow onions instead of green onions and used cut up green beans instead of peas. You could always add other veggies too or omit the ones that you don't like.

I also decorated a pumpkin this weekend. I got the idea off a picture I saw and ran with it. This is a fake pumpkin, but I'm sure you could use a real one. I took aluminum wire, spiraled it, and added beads here and there. When I was spiraling it, I made sure to point the wire down at either ends of the spirals so that I could stick it into the pumpkin and added glue to secure it. I also added a spiral around the stem to tie it all together. It took me about 2 hours.

Another project I started on is this dress:
I just made the dress from scratch. I cut 2 long rectangles that were as wide as the measurement from my armpit to the middle of my boobs. I put the band underneath my bust to measure how long it needed to be. To make the bottom, I just used as much material as I had and sewed it into a tube. I then pinned it to the band, sewed. Sewed the two rectangles so they slightly overlapped, and then sewed them to the band as well. I like how the top fits because it is supportive even without a bra (and I need that), but the bottom makes me look like I have a huge butt and thighs. Since I don't need that kind of attention, I seam ripped the bottom off and am going to make it shorter to just make it a top. I am also thinking of putting a ruffle on it or some type of decoration because the fabric itself is kind of a blah color.

I am working on one more project, but it's a secret :-x It has been taking the bulk of my time, but I cannot post pictures because it is a present for someone, but I will post them later :) Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recipes galore and a shrug :)

I started taking pictures of the food that I make because I figured that I take pictures of everything else, so why not?

I just made some friend rice that turned out really well for slapping it together last minute. I even made my boyfriend stop eating so I could take a picture :) I based it off of this recipe that I found:

Since I'm last minute, I didn't make the rice ahead of time. I also forgot that I didn't have eggs, so I was really disappointed when I looked at the recipe again after I started making it. Here's the recipe that I made:

3 T. oil
1 carrot
1/2 onion
1 1/2 celery stalks
1 vegetable bouillon cube dissolved in 1/4 c. water
2 t. garlic powder
1 1/2 t. ground ginger (this is an estimate)
2-3 T. Soy sauce
5 shakes of pepper
2-3 T. Parsley (this is used mostly just for looks rather than taste)
4 c. cooked rice

Boil rice in water with 1 t. salt. Set aside. Saute onoin, carrot, and celery in oil. Add rice and remaining ingredients. Mix well because rice will try to stick together.
**I would recommend adding the egg after you sauteed the veggies but before you add the rice.

This takes about 20 minutes if you have the rice precooked.

I also made pizza....a recipe that I have mentioned before on here, but now there's a picture!! This time I topped it with broccoli (I just pulled it out of the freezer and defrosted it), garlic (I just cut up the cloves and put them on there), onions, and green peppers. I also sprinkled parsley on top as a finishing touch. The vegetables are slightly crunchy after the pizza is cooked. If you are not a big fan of this, I would saute them before you put them on the pizza.

While I didn't make these muffins, they were definitely worth mentioning. These are banana crumb muffins that my boyfriend made, and they turned out awesome.

They are really moist, easy to freeze so they can be defrosted later in the microwave for a quick breakfast, and filling. That and I'm not a big fan of nuts because a lot of times they seem to make things drier.

The last thing that I started working on is a shrug.

I'm not a big fan of boleros and shrugs, but I figured that I would give it a shot. I also don't particularly like the picture, but after reading the pattern, I think it will turn out a little different. It already looks different because I am using a different yarn and tighter stitches. Here is the progress so far, although I know I will need more yarn other than what I have. However, I can't find the sleeve that tells what color it is and I looked at Michael's and I couldn't find anything like it. It may have been a seasonal color so I'm crossing my fingers that it will come back this year :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Lots of projects

I've been busy crafting to the point where I can't stop....not even to show you guys a quick blog about what I'm working on :-/ I have also made

I have been working on a craft book with all the free patterns that I have found on the internet. I just took a binder and sectioned it with colored paper (or dividers if you prefer) into 4 categories: sewing, crochet, knitting, and crafts. Hole punch your printed patterns and stick 'em in there! I have a feeling I will be adding more sections to break down the categories further with all the patterns I have.

I have been a baking a bit lately. I made a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (Hershey's has one of the best chocolate cake and frosting recipes ever).

I also made 2 loaves of banana bread (the recipe is in a previous post) and have many more bananas to make....well I still haven't had time to look.

I was hard at work on a plain button down shirt I inherited from my boyfriend. It has awesome vertical stripes that you can't see in these pictures because of the lighting. I used the pinch and pin method to make it fit my shape.

Pinch and Pin: Put the shirt on inside out and pinch and pin the fabric where you want it to lay on your body. This way it will be tailored to fit you! Cut off excess fabric. (There is a tutorial on PS- always try on first before you cut off the excess!

I cut off the sleeves to make them 3/4 length, and then sewed the cuffs on the new sleeves. I also took off the collar via seam ripper and sewed some black ribbon around the top of the shirt. I replaced all the white buttons with black using an awesome video tutorial from To make the tie at the back, I chained 25 using regular sewing thread and a size 5 hook. I threaded it through the seam twice (the beginning and end of the chain) in between my stitches and tied it together on the other side. This way it creates a loop for your tie to go through...repeat on the second side. I just used a piece of black ribbon I had lying around. The number of stitches will vary depending on the width of your ribbon (mine was 1.25" wide). You could also use black thread to make your loops so it blends better with your ribbon, but I left mine white just in case I didn't feel like wearing it with one.

I also crocheted some earrings with more copper wire and with the same type of style as the ones I previously did on here. I just crocheted the wire using a size F hook. I chained 10 and tied it off. Instead of weaving in the ends like you typically do with crochet, I wrapped the wires around the ends to make it more stable. I added washers and was done. Super easy, quick and flashy! That and they make noise as you move...for some reason I like earrings like that but don't know why?

I am also in the process of making some capri-like business pants. But am not sure how I feel about them yet. I think they maybe too "old" for me....not to offend anyone, so I will probably take them apart and make them into something else. I'm off to crochet and make banana.....banana....banana stuff?