Friday, November 6, 2009

I win!!!

Here is a picture of the blanket I made for my friends wedding, as promised :)

After several days of boycotting the "skirt" I finally got back to it. When I left it, it was a piece of fabric, in the shape of a skirt, it was not sewn together in a complete circle. I found a hole close to where it was going to be sewn together, so it became asymmetrical. I installed a zipper (and I did a really good job for my second zipper ever), and added ribbon over the seams in addition to a bow. I cut an asymmetrical hem (longer in the back and on the right side) and used a zig-zag stitch to finish it off because there was no way I could have hemmed it. I have a picture of me modeling it because 1.) someone commented before on wanting to see it on someone, 2) it looks better on, and 3) I remembered :). Anyways, I am very pleased on how it came out hence the "I Win!" since this project turned into a real pain.

Another project I did was make tshirt yarn. The purpose was to make it into a scarf, but I can't find my larger crochet hook at the moment :-/ I took an old XL men's tshirt and starting at the bottom, continuously cut around the entire shirt (like spiral). When I got to the armpits, I cut off the sleeves and did the same spiral cutting. Since I cut off the arms, I just cut strips from the front and back of the tshirt. I sewed all pieces together and rolled it into a ball. I have also seen this done with regular fabric, which frays and gives it a different look. You can also knit with it too.

I also made some cute earrings out of leftover headpin pieces. Headpins are the "pins" that you put the beads on to make the earrings. I have leftovers from other earring that I have made, and just saved them.

I found a killer recipe to spruce up broccoli.
I made some mashed potatoes to go along with the meal, and it was really good on those as well. However, I omitted the cashews because they are the only type of nuts that I don't like. But it turned out really well anyways. I suggest to add the sauce to the broccoli right before you serve it. I let mine sit, and it soaked into the broccoli (it was still good though).

Last minute, my boyfriend decided he was going to be "Indian Smurf". After some running around and spending about $20.00 on blue body paint, the only thing missing was his hat. I took and old sheet and free handed a pattern. I installed a little elastic in the back to ensure that it would stay on, and put some stuffing in the top so it would maintain the shape. And done. Here's a picture of him in his full costume.

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