Friday, October 30, 2009

I started off with a pair of men's dress pants, but wasn't sure of what to do with them. I had seen before how people can make them into a dress, but didn't really want to go that route. So I decided that I would keep them as pants, but just make them straight leg and to fit me. I took off the zipper and cut off the waistband. Then I realized that I cut off too much of the waistband....plan B....make a skirt. So I figured make a skirt with a pleated type deal and to secure it on, use a ribbon to tie on the side. Well, I sewed it wrong, so after working 3 hours on it, I gave up for the night.

Yey! I finished my costume. It's actually 3 pieces plus the wings, belt, and halo. I started out with a really long skirt and cut jagged pieces out of it and sewed it together. It didn't work out though....the skirt was made of really stretchy material, to the point where it was difficult to sew. The pieces I sewed together didn't lay the way that I expected them to.....plan B...add another skirt underneath and a belt to cover up the botched up sewing job. So....I put some grommets in the skirt to match the belt. I dug out a shirt in my closet and cut the long sleeves up the the elbow so they became more or less, bell sleeves and again added grommets. For my halo, I used wire to make the halo, painted it black, added feathers on the top and bottom to cover the wire, and attached it to a black plastic headband. Ta da! Dark Angel. PS-- long day at work + no sleep = bad picture. For more tips, tricks, and costume ideas, checkout

Here is another project that I was working on. I know it's a little late since tomorrow is Halloween, but it's a paper mache pumpkin. All you need for this one is water, flour, a balloon, and paint. Very easy and simple. You can also use a mix of glue and water, but I think the flour and water mix works better. However, I learned the hard way that if you don't use it right away, it will become rancid over night. And it smells aweful! Anyways, cut strips of paper and cover the balloon in several layers (I forgot to do that). To make it sit instead of roll, I just squished the bottom a little. I also pressed the "stem" down to make it more set in and realistic, if that makes sense. You could also make a candy bowl out of paper mache by covering the outside of a bowl with several layers. Lionbrand's website also has a "web" bowl with yarn instead of paper.

Happy Halloween and Happy crafting!

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