Friday, September 4, 2009

Lots of projects

I've been busy crafting to the point where I can't stop....not even to show you guys a quick blog about what I'm working on :-/ I have also made

I have been working on a craft book with all the free patterns that I have found on the internet. I just took a binder and sectioned it with colored paper (or dividers if you prefer) into 4 categories: sewing, crochet, knitting, and crafts. Hole punch your printed patterns and stick 'em in there! I have a feeling I will be adding more sections to break down the categories further with all the patterns I have.

I have been a baking a bit lately. I made a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (Hershey's has one of the best chocolate cake and frosting recipes ever).

I also made 2 loaves of banana bread (the recipe is in a previous post) and have many more bananas to make....well I still haven't had time to look.

I was hard at work on a plain button down shirt I inherited from my boyfriend. It has awesome vertical stripes that you can't see in these pictures because of the lighting. I used the pinch and pin method to make it fit my shape.

Pinch and Pin: Put the shirt on inside out and pinch and pin the fabric where you want it to lay on your body. This way it will be tailored to fit you! Cut off excess fabric. (There is a tutorial on PS- always try on first before you cut off the excess!

I cut off the sleeves to make them 3/4 length, and then sewed the cuffs on the new sleeves. I also took off the collar via seam ripper and sewed some black ribbon around the top of the shirt. I replaced all the white buttons with black using an awesome video tutorial from To make the tie at the back, I chained 25 using regular sewing thread and a size 5 hook. I threaded it through the seam twice (the beginning and end of the chain) in between my stitches and tied it together on the other side. This way it creates a loop for your tie to go through...repeat on the second side. I just used a piece of black ribbon I had lying around. The number of stitches will vary depending on the width of your ribbon (mine was 1.25" wide). You could also use black thread to make your loops so it blends better with your ribbon, but I left mine white just in case I didn't feel like wearing it with one.

I also crocheted some earrings with more copper wire and with the same type of style as the ones I previously did on here. I just crocheted the wire using a size F hook. I chained 10 and tied it off. Instead of weaving in the ends like you typically do with crochet, I wrapped the wires around the ends to make it more stable. I added washers and was done. Super easy, quick and flashy! That and they make noise as you move...for some reason I like earrings like that but don't know why?

I am also in the process of making some capri-like business pants. But am not sure how I feel about them yet. I think they maybe too "old" for me....not to offend anyone, so I will probably take them apart and make them into something else. I'm off to crochet and make banana.....banana....banana stuff?


  1. I haven't tried the pin-pinch method for big shirts, but heard the armholes end up funny. They work out ok for you?

  2. The pinch and pin method has never failed me yet. If it is a bigger shirt, you will have to be wary of the fact that the sleeves/armholes will be bigger as well. After I did my pinch and pinning on the sides, I tried on the shirt to see how it fit and guestimated how much I would have to take in the sleeves/armholes. **After you are finished sewing the seams, always try it on before you cut off your excess!