Friday, November 20, 2009

Curtains, jewelry and tidbits!

I finally got around to making curtains for my bedroom. When I first moved in, I broke the blinds, and have wanted to tactfully cover the window ever since, but only had a valence. That and taping the blinds together just wasn't cutting it. I made these out of a sheet that I also used to make my boyfriend's smurf hat. I think it was originally a sheet that he accidentally took when he left the navy. I hemmed all the edges and made a casing by folding over the top so the curtain rod could go through. They turned out shorter than I expected, but am still pleased with the results. I haven't decided whether or not I want to dye them, since the sun will bleach them.

I finished my tshirt scarf. I originally intended for it to be crochet, since I prefer crochet to knitting. However, I could not find my Q Hook, which would have been big enough to crochet it (I was having difficult with crocheting with my N Hook. Instead I used my size 13 circular needles. It turned out heavier than I expected, but I like it.

I also made a lot of jewelry this past week, here is the bracelet/necklace I made. The finished product is about 3 1/2'. It can be wrapped as a necklace several ways (one style to the left).

I also made several pairs of earrings.

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