Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wow, it's been a long time!

I've been really busy this past week....parents' anniversary, apartment inspection....busy, busy, busy! However I still have been crafting :)

I made a dozen red roses to complement their 'date basket'. The hardest thing about the roses was putting together the tops, but after that, it was easy! The 'date basket' consisted of

- wine
- bagette
- vegetable seasoning (,1725,144173-250194,00.html)
- skillet lasagna in a jar (
- a dozen red crochet roses
- a gift certificate from Blockbuster for a movie
- popcorn & other movie munchies (I got some ideas from this website as to what to include, but I thought of the idea before I found this:

You can probably make a basket for almost any occasion, just think outside the box...or the basket!

Another project I have been working on is a dress made from one of my shirts that doesn't fit anymore, and one of my boyfriend's shirts. Pardon the water on the top portion...I didn't feel like waiting for it to dry. I cut my shirt (purple) to about an inch under my bust line and set it aside. For my boyfriend's shirt, I cut off the sleeves, the collar, and the buttons off the front (it was a polo so it had about 3 or so buttons by the neckline). I then sewed the "hole" up that I had made by cutting out the buttons and continued to sew a line down the shirt, so it didn't look weird with a seam going halfway down. I lined up both sides and drew two diagonal lines on either side of the shirt, starting from the top going down to the bottom corners (it will be a trapizoid type shape). Sew down the sides, which left me with pretty much a skirt. I pinned the top to the bottom, sewed, and I was done! I would like it a little bigger, so I'm debating on whether to add 3 strips of wide ribbon to the back, let out the extra seam that I put in because of the buttons, or add some fabric to the sides in a diamond shape.

Altogether, there was a lot of seam ripping involved because I tried to sew up the sleeves first, which didn't work out as well. That and I accidently sewed the top portion inside out to the bottom.

I started a new project, my friend wanted a scarf, with pockets. He's always cold, so I started it now instead of waiting until closer to winter. It is going really well and I'm really excited because I found a cool diamond pattern ( I just modified it and chained 36, instead of what was suggested in the pattern. I also started the pattern, but after the first "V" was finished, I double crocheted the same amount of rows that it took to make the "V", but in regular double crochet (16 rows). This way I could fold up the end of the scarf and the pattern would be on the front and not the back of the pocket. I started the pattern over again so that it would seem like the pattern was continuous. I will repeat this when I come to the end so he has a pocket on either end large enough so he can put his hands as well as store other things at his convenience. To make the actual pockets, I will single crochet up the sides and then turn it right-side-out.

A quick and easy recipe that I came up with, good for a meal or a side dish:

1/2 c. rice
1 or 2 bouillon cubes (a good rule of thumb is to use one cube to 1 c. water)
veggies (you can use frozen or fresh)
about 2 c. water

Put all of the above into a pan on the stove and boil until rice is cooked except veggies. If your veggies are frozen, wait until your rice is cooked otherwise they will get mushy. If they are fresh, add along with all the other ingredients before you start cooking it. I used broccoli and onions along with some garlic powder. Whatever that you have laying around the house. Even if you have leftovers, just add them after the rice is cooked. If your rice is not cooked, add more water and boil until it's soft (I guesstimated measurements). You can also add cream of mushroom soup and it becomes rice pilaf. Yummy!

I have taken a short break from my skirt, but I will continue to work on it. The crickets in my lizard cage ate my plants and then I replaced the dirt with a washable bottom, so no more plants in the lizard cage, except for the ones that are already potted. I have completely given up on the running bamboo and am just waiting for the last bit to die that is sitting outside in a bucket full of water. I think I'm going to have to put my comforter on hold for a little while, but am planning on making pillows for my new sofa bed. I haven't decided whether or not they are going to be more of a flat pillow or if I should make them more 3-d. Happy crafting!

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