Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A nice warm dinner

I'm obviously a craft nut, and have tons of things that I want to do, multiple things I've started, some which I have forgotten about. After finally giving in and reorganizing my yarns and fabrics, I found a scarf that I had made out of really soft, fuzzy yarn. However, it was a plain cream color...key word...was. I decided to add some really cute flowers on it. I got the idea for the pattern from the Pillow Trio with Flowers pattern on Lion Brand's website. I did 5 petals instead of 6 and I made the flowers all one color. I also place the flowers differently on either side to add interest.

My next project was dinner. Let me start out by saying, yes, I consider myself a vegetarian, although I do eat fish once in a blue moon and I don't particularly eating it that much because it was a living animal. I also eat it for the protein but will probably take it completely out of my diet, especially because it keeps grossing me out when I think about it.

Anyways, I found a recipe for flounder which turned out awesome! It was really quick to make. I made some rice, and threw together a salad. Dinner, done in 1/2 hour! Anyways, here's the link to the recipe:,1817,144189-226194,00.html

Instead of using hot sauce, I used an 1/8 t. of hot pepper seasoning. I used more than 2 T. of lemon juice...I more or less doused it with lemon juice. I also substituted salad dressing instead of mayonnaise because I think it has better flavor.

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