Monday, January 15, 2018

Free pattern for Simple Tapered Leg Warmers

I've been recently frustrated with my crochet and needed an quick, easy pattern to get rid of some of my stash.  So I found a pair of leg warmers... Great!  Except my gauge was totally off because I almost always refuse to check it since it takes so much time and bothers me since i have to pull extra out of my skein....long story short....I ended up creating my own pattern.

**This pattern is for personal use only, and it took me several hours to create.  Please do not sell this pattern or the final product.  Thanks!

These leg warmers are a little tapered at the bottom because I wanted to make sure they didn't just come off or make their way under my heel.  The pattern is worked in rounds and my calves are about 14".  Ch 3 and Ch 2 count as a dc or hdc, EXCEPT for the last round.

Yarn: WW- I used Red Heart
Hooks: H & I
- st- stitch
- ch- chain
- dc- double crochet
- hdc- half double crochet
- dec- decrease
- fptc- front post treble crochet

With H hook:

Ch 30 and Join
R1: Ch up 3 and dc in each st around.  Join in top of ch 3 (30)
R2: Ch up 3.  *fptc, dc*.  Repeat * to *. Join in top of ch 3( 30)

Change to I hook:
 R3-21: Ch up 2, hdc in each st around and join in top of ch 2 (30)
R22: Ch up 2, 3 hdc, hdc dec over next 2 st. *4hdc, hdc dec*.  Repeat * to * and join in top of ch 2. (25)

Chang to H hook:
R23: Ch up 3, dc in each st around and join in top of ch 3 (25)
R24: Ch up 2 (does not count as dc), *fptc, dc*.  Repeat * to *.  Join in top of fptc.

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