Monday, August 3, 2009

Thailand...good thing it's on the coast!

I made this awesome Thai food that I got off PETA's (People for ethical treatment of animals) website. I highly suggest this website not only for the information it provides, but for it's great recipes too!

It sounds really funky but tastes really good, and it made of ingredients most people have around the house....nice and simple :) Although when I make it I always add about a 1/2 t. more of both ginger and cumin, but make sure you try it before you add these. It also says to put everything in a a blender sounded like too much work for me. So I put it all in a sauce pan and heat it, I think it mixes the ingredients together better(because it melts the peanut butter) that and it cooks the onions a bit (Do I ever follow directions? I think not....even ask my mother, lol). It also tends to spoon over the noodles better.....speaking of, I didn't use spirals either....just whatever type of pasta you have around the house. Same with the peas....whatever veggie you beans, mixed vegetables, etc.

I also made these cool earrings:
My boyfriend took apart an old hard drive that didn't work anymore and I scored these awesome hoop things and then just put a shell in the middle. It also makes a cool sound when they clink together :) There were also some left over silver disks (the ones that actually store the data) that I will be looking to make into ornaments. They are extremely reflective, so they will look cool in amongst the Xmas lights. I will probably make this project closer to Christmas, as I want to get some Christmas ribbon. Happy crafting!

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