Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too tired to come up with something catchy....

Very long day at work, and a lot of stuff to get done around the house.....almost none of which got done :( That's okay, there's always tomorrow! I managed to figure out how to crochet hairpin lace! YEY! After watching several videos and looking at even more tutorials I got it. So I think that some time this week I am going to write a GOOD tutorial because it really isn't that hard, but there is almost nothing out there about it. It reached it's popularity in the Victorian era, and apparently died out since then. I also was able to finish the loom I was making, and tried it out.....with little success. I found tutorials on how to make one out of bamboo and toilet paper tubes and decided to make mine out of bamboo skewers and pieces of cardboard. It is not sturdy enough and I wouldn't recommend it, but it was fun to make. It is just too flimsy. However, I found, what I think is a hairpin loom (at least that is going to be my purpose for it) that I already had. I picked it up at a Goodwill with a bunch of tatting supplies, string, etc that had already been in a box together. I wish it was bigger though, because it is somewhat difficult to work with since it is so small. I will research picking up a larger one, or something similar to it.

I made one of the mary jane booties I posted the link to yesterday. It was fairly easy and I'm excited I got it on the second try. The first try I didn't read ahead in the pattern and I tied it off after the first row. Hahahaha. I am too tired at this point in time to make another. I think my brain has pretty much had it for today and is going on strike. So the other booty will have to wait until tomorrow. I didn't even tuck in the strings on the first one, I just tried to hide the strings when I was taking the picture. Very, very long day at work. Chow!

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