Friday, July 24, 2009

Home and baby decor

I have a couple of plain lamps that I've had for years, and one of the shades got crushed in a move. I decided that I would paint it. I used orange fabric paint, and it turned out really well. But, it doesn't look as good when it is in use. I have already put on 2 coats, therefore, I have concluded that you would be better off to remake the lamp shade with an alternative fabric, dye it with fabric dye (which is probably what I am going to try with the other shade), or use a different type of paint. So I'm not sure if I should just paint it again, or give up.

I have also started on the baby clothes. It took a while though because I am not that good with counting my stitches, so I restarted multiple times. But I think it is well worth it since it is turning out really cute so far.
Here is the link to the pattern I am using:
I used stitch markers because with the yarn I am using, it is difficult for me to find the 'shells'. I am using "Lemon Custard" by Bernat. It really is a beautiful light yellow yarn, and the picture doesn't do it justice. The closer I am to being done with this piece, the easier it seems. I am thinking about making some matching booties or sandles....what do you think?

In between time, I painted my nails (another form of art). I put decals on them, but the pictures wouldn't come out. You don't have to solely use polish to decorate your nails. Use glitter, stickers, cut out pieces of magazine, pictures you found on the internet (scaled down, of course), anything! Make sure you use a base coat so it has something to stick to, and a top coat to seal it! Happy painting!

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  1. Lol, "baby decor."
    Wish you were still up here in Ohio so you could teach me how to do some of this stuff. I've forgotten how to knit, and I have a sewing machine that I've barely touched despite also having a great how-to book.
    I'll add this to my blog subscriptions!