Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Listening to Christmas July???

So I was selling a lamp I had on Craigslist, and I found that one of the bulbs broke. I had to make an emergency light bulb run to Kroger, and got back just in time before the lady who wanted the lamp got to my apartment. I was just going to give her the extra bulbs, but alas, she told me she was planning on using the new florescent bulbs. So.....$2.00 out with 3 extra bulbs.....I decided to make Christmas ornaments! I figured that it's never too early to start shopping for presents, so it's never too early to make christmas decorations......right?

The first one (on the left) I hot glued some circular metal chips, and ran out close to the bottom. So I painted the rest of it white, and added a white bow at the top to "balance" it. The second one was actually the first one I started with, and I was going to try to run the glue down the sides to make an "icicle" effect, but soon found that the hot glue was not runny enough. I decided to just go wild with the glue and sprinkled gold glitter and Voila! The last one is vertical stripes made with hot glue and I once again sprinkle some peach glitter and added a white bow to keep it "soft". Now I have 3 cute ornaments to show for the $2.00 I spent, so it was definately worth it :)

My other project today was my headphones. They originally were white, but recently started turning colors for whatever reason, and they looked beat-up but still worked. I recently saw a post, I believe on either or about headphone cozies. I tried to find the tutorial again, but gave up after 20 minutes or so figuring I could just fumble through it. About an hour later I ended up with this:
I originally was going to use a neutral color so my boyfriend could borrow then, but then I figured they were my headphones anyways, so I picked a color I would like the most. I used a size F hook and some medium weight yarn I had picked up from a dollar store a couple years ago. To start, I did a slip stitch over the end where the jack is, and then single crocheted my way up the left side of the split to the left earphone and tied it off. I went back to the split and slip stitched the string to the stitch that went over the center of the split. I then continued to crochet all the way up to the right earphone, and tied it off. I tucked in my ends, and I was done! Sad to say that after my new set of earphones was done, I discovered that it really wasn't my set. Whoops!

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