Saturday, July 25, 2009

Progress with speed bumps.....who said it was easy?

Today was a busy/frustrating day. I was doing major work in the crochet department, and looking back, it doesn't seem like I accomplished that much. I finally got to making the last part of my father's day gifts....I hope he doesn't see this, and, yes, I am a month or so behind. I originally was going to make him a "man garden" specialized to what he likes (the man is a garlic-o-holic, but that's okay I'm like that too!).

Man garden ingredients:
- packs of veggie seeds he could cook with
- growing instructions, recipes, plant usages
- small little mulch-like 'starters' that you soak in water and they expand
- pots to plant them in
- labeled popsicle sticks.

I wasn't able to get everything together on time, and I was poking around online and came across this pattern by lion brand:

ch: Chain
sc: Single Crochet
st: Stitch

It's a can cozy, but I didn't like the colors, so I figured I would try to follow the pattern and see where it took me.....well.....I hate crochet in the round. I always lose my place even when I use my trusty dusty bobby pin as a marker. So I decided to make my own pattern:

With size H hook, ch 11, sc in 1st from hook, *sc across, ch 1*. Repeat 19 more times and you should have 20 rows. Join 2 ends together with sc, and this should create a circle.

I wanted to customize them, so I know he loves diet pepsi, and he does like the Cleveland Indians. I had to figure out how to make the pepsi symbol and what to do about making something Cleveland Indians- like (because I sure as hell don't think I could come up with a pattern for Chief Wahoo). I ended up settling on embrodering "Indians" on a patch (which ended up more challenging than expected) and making a baseball. Overall I'm quite pleased with the end result.

The pattern for the Pepsi symbol is:

ch 3, sc in 1st ch from hook, and across. ch 1, turn, sc in base of same st of ch, sc across and 2 sc in last st. repeat one more time and tie off.

Repeat this twice, once for red and once for blue, but don't tie off second time. Sc red and blue together and then tie off.

Using white, chain 9 and sc in1st st from hook. sc across and tie off. I stretched and moved the white to get the shape and sewed the blue/red patch on the cozy with the white strip. I then went around the red side with the yarn and sewed it to the cozy and repeated with the blue to make sure it was not going anywhere. That and you have to fiddle with it to make it more round and when you sew it to the cozy with the same color, it helps it keep the shape (how this wasn't confusing).

I followed the original instructions for the white patch, and embrodered "Indians" on it (this took a long time since I didn't really have a pattern it was just trial and error). I came up with the pattern for the baseball:

ch 2, sc in 1st ch, and sc in same stitch until it looks round or "full" enough. I used bright red thread doubled up to make the stitches.

I secured both patches on by sewing around the edges in white to the cozy.

I am still working on the baby "shirt" ( However, I didn't understand Row 12-17 where it says don't turn (am I supposed to crochet in the round......not again....I hate crocheting in the So I decided to deviate from the pattern and did a treble crochet (it's like a double crochet, but instead of yarning over once, yarn over twice) and I am going to weave the tie in and out of this part (I don't understand where the tie comes in either). The original tie is just a chain, but I am making the executive decision to make it 1 or 2 rows of hdc. Here is the progress I made today. It doesn't look like much because like I said before, I ended up taking out several rows. I had originally made my treble crochets farther down, but then decided that I didn't want the tie to be around the baby's stomach. I also am going to do picots around the bottom and arm holes and see how that looks....I may change my mind depending. Additionally I was thinking about making matching mary jane booties that I found a pattern for:

What do you think?

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