Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby earrings?

Sorry for the no post yesterday....I was pulling apart a DSL modem, a satellite receiver box, and cable modem. That and after posting for a week and a half straight, not going to lie, I wanted a break. But I was a crafting fool! I found an obscene amount of copper wire in the satellite receiver box. It took me about 20 minutes, some patience, and a hammer to get it, but it was well worth it! I made some cool earrings by crocheting the wire. Sorry for the slightly blurry picture, but I have found it's very difficult to take pictures of earrings since they're so small.

Pattern with size E hook:
Ch 4, 6 dc., tie off. Tuck in ends. I flattened them, and then shaped's that easy :) I added some "washers" (they're not really washers, I don't think, but I don't know what else to call them) to balance out the fact that I only had silver fish hooks. However, I think they turned out rather nice.

I also decided to use the cover for the satellite receiver as a new earring holder, as my current one (a metal screen) is getting full.

I have recently took an interest in hairpin lace. It seems fairly easy although you have to have a loom to crochet it. I checked out looms online and they seem to be about $40, which is $40 I don't really want to spend. So I also looked online to get ideas to make my own. It is still in the process of being made, so pictures will come later.

I finally finished the baby shirt! I did change it, as I stated before, and I'm fairly happy with the results. What do you think? Not sure if I mentioned before about making matching shoes or not, but this is the pattern I will be looking at:

It's the cutest pattern for booties I've found. Believe it or not, there are some ugly booties out there, and it's a good thing that babies don't have a sense of fashion!

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