Friday, October 29, 2010

Some homliness and wrist warmers

Over here in Okinawa, there are no big dumpsters to throw away large items. You either have to pay extra for pickup or try to fit it in a trash bag. So, I have been forced to find projects to use up these extra materials (that and it's eco-friendly and economical).

I made these little geometric wall hangings from some red fabric and old cardboard boxes I had lying around from our move. There should be a how-to video/powerpoint going up on the blog fairly soon. I tried to upload it here with no avail so you only get a picture.
These are rosettes made from zippers that I nabbed from dollar store pillowcases that were intended for a different project. I used a hot glue gun to keep them together.
This is my Susie Q apron. I made it out of my scrap pile (yey for reusing!). The main part is made from two pant legs, and the green is from a tshirt. The ties are made from the bottom hem of the tshirt. The hearts are actually pockets as well. (Sorry for the weird picture, I was squatting in an awkward way to take the picture because I didn't feel like moving the mirror). It served me very well today actually...I made two loaves of white bread and one loaf of pineapple bread.
These are wristlets that I crocheted for the upcoming winterish months (Japan has a fake winter--it only gets down to about 60). I like the way they have holes in them just in case I want to put my thumb through like fingerless gloves. I made them smaller than the pattern states because I felt they might move too much and be more of a hinderance. (Can anyone spy the cat?)
Here is the pattern: