Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Stuff around the house and some clothes!!

Okay, so this post is not as organized as it normally is because technology is just not working with me today....so here we go.....

So we still have boxes from when we moved, partially because we need to donate or ebay the stuff we want to get rid of....so I made a curtain to hide the goods. Much better!

I decided that we needed a cushion for the futon. So I hand sewed 2 pillows together and made a casing and voila! I was going to sew black button on it to keep the pillows in place, but ended up poking my finger several times instead....I decided it would be a project for another day.

This is actually a rug crochet out of grocery bags. I grossly underestimated the time and amount of bags this project would take when I started. However, it is a nice addition to the kitchen since it's easy clean up! (the picture is sideways, sorry!)
This has been done over and over again....the jean skirt. My other skirt was wearing out and this material is very stretchy and comfortable. So another jean skirt was born!
This is one of the most clever ideas I have seen! The reusable makeup pad! I had left over cotton yarn from when I made a hat(previous post), so I was happy to use the rest of it up on these little buggers. I found them on CrochetMe:
However, I believe that I skipped the last row in the pattern. Regardless, they are very handy, good for getting rid of your leftovers, and good for the planet!
So I was expressing my fall spirit the other day and had the desire to paint pumpkins on the windows. I should be working on more fall projects hopefully soon :)
This was a regular vase that I used some
glue and tissue paper to decorate. It's the same thing that you did in elementary school for a mother's day project....stupidly easy, and it matched my bathroom!
This was a regular tshirt. I cut out the neck and added a lot of holes in the back. It reminds me of mesh.
If you can't tell, I braided the back of this shirt. I LOVE how it turned out. It goes diagonally across the back of the shirt.

I just cut a whole bunch of holes around the neckline and made the sleeves 3/4 length. I am planning on taking in the sides a little.

This shirt has actually been reconned twice. Originally it had a huge belt buckle on the black part right under the boobs...not very attractive. But then it looked too plain, so I added bow and ribbon. The ribbon is not actually attached. I crochet 2 lengths of chain and attache one to each side.

Would anyone be interested in me doing tutorials on anything I did? I'm not sure how many people really follow this, so let me know!

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