Friday, October 22, 2010

More Halloween, a shirt,and some earrings

Sorry for the delay in posting. My phone camera was acting up, and I've been really busy starting up a crochet/knit group, finding a job, and volunteering. Enough about that....
I organized almost all my fabrics. By the way, you can get fabric from almost favorites are sheets and the blankets that you get on the airplanes....they are just waiting for something to be made out of them!!

These are some quick earrings I put together. As a side note, I am donating all the earrings that I made that were for sale on my Etsy site to a silent auction fundraiser (40-45 pairs). The fundraiser will raise money in order to have events for kids that are over here in Japan.
These are my headphone earrings...I had actually had an my eye on them since hubby brought them home. He accidentally put them through the wash....score for me! So I made these head phone earrings :)
Buttons I put on a shirt. I felt it kinda looked almost like plaid.

So with the plethora of plastic bags I still seem to have around my house, I made this Halloween wreath. It was simple to make, just time consuming, but it got rid of about 8-10 bags.

How To:
I took a heavy gauged wire and made a 10" loop. I took my bags and folded them vertically (handles at the top and bottom at the bottom) and made 1/2-1" horizontal cuts. This left me with 1/2-1" loops. Cut each loop in half, then cut the strand in half 3 times. You should have 8 mini strands of plastic. Tie onto the wire and continue until your wire is full. Do not worry about crumpling the bags because they fluff out easily. Decorate as you like. I add a simple bow, but you could decorate with glitter, paint, etc. CAUTION: Do NOT use a hot glue gun, it will melt your plastic. You can make one for all holidays actually. For example, Valentines day, you can use white and red bags and bend the shape of the wire into a heart.
Here is my guy hanging up, and a crochet web behind him that I made (see previous post).
I finished the pumpkins on my window! Note: I used regular acrylic paint. I have heard it comes off with windex, but if all else fails, I will get it off with a razor blade.
I was really excited about this project, but it did not turn out well. I used salt dough to make pumpkins, but they never dried properly and the paint is still moist from a couple days ago. It may just be the environment that I am in since it's really humid over here.
This is my master piece....well sort of. It is a hooded robe for hubby's costume since he wants to go as father time. It is made from a queen size sheet. No pattern. Just used the tutorial from Still trying to finish mine and make him something more father timeish.

I also want to add that my ebook is still not out. I have had a few hick-ups in the road, but it should be out with in the next month.

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