Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween and clothes!

Some stuff I have been working on for the home, holidays, and human (was that a stretch?).

Oh my gosh! A dead-looking flower! It must mean Halloween is coming!!!! Okay that was dumb, but anyways, here is my Halloweeny coffee filter flower. I made it similar to what you would do if you were making a coffee filter rose, but made the petals spikey instead. I used a hot glue gun instead of floral tape, because I feel that it holds better, and I used purple and black water colors. I used a bamboo stick as the stem, which I should have painted.
This is my hangman, and yes, it is a real noose that I tied. I do NOT recommend this if you have kids. We may have a Halloween party, so I am starting to rethink it since I'm starting to doubt my husband's friend's intelligence.
His face is actually a Halloween mask that was tucked into a robed "figure".
In order to give him some type of body, I took a hanger and hooked it on the back of the mask, where there was a strap and attached two pieces of wire to either side of the hanger.

This is my ghost tree with little crochet ghosts, but I'm thinking of making some spiders or other Halloweeny items.
Close up. I used brads for his eyes, which are those things that you put in a stack of papers and separate the two prongs to secure.
Yep, hubby's bathroom. This is another piece of wall art that I made from the inside of old 3.5 disks and bamboo skewers.
Now, on to fashion.....these are earrings were post earrings, but I bent the post up, put a jump ring on it and a fish hook, and done!
Here is a confiscated dress shirt. I took off the sleeve and took in the sides.
This was a belt, second recon actually. It was originally just a black belt, but I wanted to use it as part of my cop costume two Halloweens ago. It has been sitting ever since, so I wove a ribbon in and out to eliminate the punk rocker look, because it's just not my style. WEEE, new belt!
I loved this pattern and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the top when I found it. It started as a 3x shirt, but now it's a skirt!
Close up of the bow on the left side.
On a side note, I am currently working on an ebook for crochet which hopefully will be done by mid next week if anyone is interested.

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