Friday, October 28, 2011

Pendant and the best scrubby EVER!

So this is going to be a quick blog....but I just had to share it.

So I made this pendant from glass I found on the beach. I'm hoping to find another one of a similar size to make a pair of earrings, but for now....just a pendant.
Okay, so this is what I was really excited about. I was about to start on dishes, and I saw my expired sponge. When I say "expired" I mean that it was way past the throw-out date. It wasn't just a little gross....I'm pretty sure it was about to sprout legs and walk. So I needed an emergency scrubby! So I whipped this little scrubby up with plarn that I made. Making the plarn and the scrubby took probably about 10-15 minutes. And it worked great! I actually like it better than my regular scrubby because it is more pliable. You don't have to "break it in" like regular scrubbies.

Plarn Scrubbie Pattern & Materials:

2 Plastic grocery bags
Size J hook

How to make plarn:

**I cut mine into about 2" sections and I added the loops as I went along so I wouldn't add them unneccisarily.


Ch 5 and sl st in first ch to make a circle. Ch up 3 and 11 dc in the center of your circle. Sl st in 3rd ch of ch 3. Ch up 3 and dc in bottom of ch up 3. 2 dc in each dc around. Join in 3rd ch of ch up 3. FO and tuck in ends.

****As always, please do not sell the pattern or the product, I did work hard on it. Thanks :)

Easy peasy :)

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