Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Earrings that I made....btw Mom, thank you so much for the jump rings!!!

These are made from buttons. I really like them b/c they are big but really light b/c they are buttons!!

Buttons and a left over spring from a printer.
These are the little plastic covers they put on screws from a bookcase...painted of course.
More things I scored from a printer.


  1. I really love those earrings!! They're all so cute!

  2. I love that you're wearing printer parts! I've collected bits and pieces of cool stuff my whole favorites came from being an assistant parts manager for a heavy construction equipment company. Tiny little matrioshka-looking choke parts, brass bobs, rocks, driftwood, rubber grommets...all with no clue what I would ever do with them. I think wire and jump rings might be the answer. Brava!

  3. Thanks you! You could always wrap wire around them like I did with sea glass in one of my recent posts :)