Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Misc Projects

Last year after Halloween Michael's had a sale on their ceramic pumpkins marked down to $5.  SCORE!  So I painted it black with orange and green accents for a modern flare.
I also had a backpack that had originally been a GO ARMY bag.  Since the army logo is not my style, I painted it once before to cover it up.  However, it was a very shotty paint job.  So I glued black fabric over the previous design and repainted it in a rainbow-esque style.  I added the safety pins to help secure the extra fabric, but I also like the look of them.

 Normally I would deck out my phone with sparkles or rhinestones, but I was enjoying working with the puffy paint.  I also found some awesome designs online, so I got creative with my phone case :)
I originally bought these shoes years ago, and they needed an update for the up and coming ball.  I used  Mod Podge and sparkles to give these shoes two coats.  I also added a ribbon bow for extra detail.

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