Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It really has been a while...

So, I've been overly busy….school has made me busy to the point where it pretty much looked like a bomb went off in my apartment.  That being said, I have had little time to do crafts.  I have done a lot, including more crochet stuff.   So here some of it is:

Made a bouquet out of pens with floral tape and fake flowers at the dollar store (PS: this really brightens up an office, and you don't lose your pens!)

Created this jewelry holder….cost $5 for plates and cups.  This girl makes some pretty fantastic stuff, but here's the link:

A baby blanket made for one of the ladies at my internship.  The pattern is called the "Basket Stitch Baby Blanket"…..really easy/quick pattern.

So everyone has been doing flower headband DIY's so I figured I would too!

A long time ago I saw someone use tshirt scraps to make sandals.  These turned out better than expected.

These are actually those big buttons you find on bulky sweaters….now my earrings!

This is by far the coolest.  We are going to a masquerade ball, but how do you get a mask that fits over glasses???  Well this one does!  I made it with tulle and fabric paint and added jewels. Here is the link to that pattern:

So I am not sure if the photos will show up for the crochet items, so let me know if they don't…..(PS thanks for letting me know Miss).  This cowl was done on a whim, but I think it turned out really nice.  It was a project that I just created w/no pattern

This was a hat, done on a whim also.  The pattern was a little confusing because of the way it was explained, but after catching the hang of it, it was easy.

Another whim.  I made up this pattern too, I feel like it turned out really nice, and I don't hate doing a v-stitch anymore :)

This was not the best picture.  But….I started out with a pattern, but then I ended up doing my own thing because the instructions were confusing.  It doesn't talk about where the stitch markers go when you increase.  It also seemed to require there to be stitch markers, in addition to the ones for increases when you were doing the trim, but it didn't seemed to be specified as to where they should have been put.

So I'm sure there are other things that I have done over the past couple months, but like I said….school had taken over my life, but I still tried to reply to comments/concerns.  I would like to put up more patterns on here.  Let me know what you think :) Thanks for reading!