Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blankets, tops and other stuffs

 Here are two blankets that I have made an given to the Navy/Marine Relief.  I have made about 5 blankets total, and of course am working on number 6 :)
Girl's baby blanket made for the Navy/Marine Relief
Boy's Baby blanket made for Navy/Marine Relief
I purposely bought a pair of shoes at the thrift store for the purpose of glitterfying.   I was so excited after I was done, I loved them!  But I went out in them and the glitter and glue came off in big chunks.  I was seriously disappointed in Modge Podge.  So I am planning on attempting this again, but maybe using E6000 glue.  It's supposed to be waterproof and rubberized, so if that doesn't work, I am not sure what will.  Any other suggestions?
After glitter
 Sorry for the sideways picture, but this is a dream catcher that I made from a wire coat hanger.
Dream Catcher
 This is from a reflective belt that was way too big for me so I cut off the excess and made an armband or a fore-armband.
Snazzy arm band

 Summer Chain top I made.  It worked up rather quickly, and I ended up making it a little smaller than the pattern originally asks, which worked out because it would have been way too big otherwise.  I also made it without sleeves.  Here's the pattern link:
Chain summer top
This is the beginning of the V Shell Top.  It is  marked as a free pattern on Ravelry, but there was no pattern link.  I tried to contact the person who made the top, but she was unable to give me the pattern so I made it up (which took a couple days of trial and error).  Here it is so far, and I just started yesterday.  I just finished creating the sleeves, yey!
Shell V Top
I have also been obsessively looking for sweaters at the thrift store so I can unravel them and use them for the yarn.   Both the Summer Chain Top and Shell V Top are made from upcycled yarn.  I recently purchased a ball winder as well, and I love it.  It makes unraveling way quicker.


  1. Did you put a layer of anything over the glitter once it was on? If not, I'd suggest trying a layer of clear glue or something to seal it on there. Maybe it would stay on better? Just an idea, if you haven't already tried it. haha


  2. I was thinking that, but I think it needs to be more flexible to move with the shoe/foot b/c they're super flexible

  3. Makes sense, not sure what else I'd suggest!