Monday, January 30, 2012

Easy Shrug Pattern

Easy Shrug Pattern

It is worked up and down. I used H hook with worsted weight yarn.

**NOTE: I made this pattern to fit me...I wear a small/medium. If you wear a bigger or smaller size, you will need to adjust accordingly. Also this pattern is for personal use only, please do not sell the pattern or the product, as I am giving it to you for free and it took several hours to write it down. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and please let me know if I need to tweak the pattern. Thanks, and enjoy!**
Ch 68. (25" Width)

Dc in 4th ch from hook. Sk 3 st. 2 dc, ch 5, and 2 dc in next st. *Ch 2. Sk 3 st and dc in next st. Sk 2 st, dc in next st. Ch2. Sk 3 st. 2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc in next st*. Repeat from * to * until last 5 st in row. Then, sk 3 st and 2 dc in next 2 st. ch up 3 and turn.

Dc in next st. Ch 3. Sc in ch 5 sp. ^Sk next two dc. Ch 2. 2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc in next st.^ Repeat from ^ to ^ until last ch 5 sp. Sc in the last ch 5 sp and skip 2 dc. Dc in next 2 dc.

Repeat these two rows in consecutive order until desired length. (I did 22 rows all together which was 15")Tie off.


Fold in half an sew ends together 2 1/2" on each side, but leave yarn attached on 2nd side.. You will have two smaller holes (on either side) for your arms, and a large hole for your shoulders.

Band around shoulders:

R1: Sc around large hole ending at "armpit".Ch up 1, do not turn.
R2: 'Sc in 1st st, 2 sc in next st'. Repeat ' to ' until you get to next "armpit". '''Sc in next sc, then dec'''. Repeat ''' to ''' until you reach the beginning of your round.
R3 & R4: Sc in each sc around, Tie off. Weave in ends.


  1. Ah! A fellow crocheter! This shrug looks very sweet, I think I just might give it a try.

    I love how you repurpose found and discarded items into wearable gems, thank you for the inspiration!

    And Okinawa! So exciting!

    Sorry about the overuse of exclamation marks. I know I sound crazy. Oh well.

  2. Hi, thanks for the pattern! I'm having a little trouble understanding what you mean in a couple of places and want to double check before I attempt this.
    First, for "Sk 3 st. 2 dc, ch 5, and 2 dc in next st", do I skip 3 and then put one dc in each of the next two stitches, chain five and put 2 dc into the next stitch (so that there are four double crochets all together in 3 adjacent stitches)?
    Then, "Sk next two dc. Ch 2. 2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc in next st." After skipping the 2 dc and chaining 2, do the 2 dc go into the chain space or into the actual stitch?
    My rows aren't looking right, so I know I must be doing something wrong. I'd appreciate the help!

  3. For "Sk 3 st. 2 dc, ch 5, and 2 dc in next st" skip 3 stitches, then in the next stitch you would put 2 dc, then ch 5, then 2 more dc in the same stitch. So ultimately there would be 4 dc in the same stitch with a ch 5 in the middle all in one stitch. For "Sk next two dc. Ch 2. 2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc in next st," should all be in one stitch.

  4. Ah, I understand the first row now, thanks! Still having a problem when I do the second row. Does skipping the 2 dc mean that the (2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc) all goes into the stitch right after wherever the next 2 dc are? The spacing of the 2 dc in the first row isn't the same, so I'm having a hard time figuring out where to put the stitches. Thank you so much!

  5. yes, the 2 dc, ch 5, 2 dc is like a shell, all in one stitch

  6. where do I start in row one when repeating the pattern?

  7. This pattern is not reproducible. It does not make sense. My guess is the pattern is worked in the ch5 spaces but not sure bc this pattern does not indicate such.

  8. Yes, the pattern is worked in the ch 5 spaces: "Dc in next st. Ch 3. Sc in ch 5 sp".