Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun shirt and new hat

So I picked this shirt up at a thrift store on base...btw, the thrift stores here anyways, I picked a plain blue shirt at a thrift store. I cut the neck, and am debating on cutting it out more. And I painted this design on with fabric paint using a paintbrush and a sponge brush (I think that's what they are called).
(Oh my god, what a dirty mirror!)
I saw this hat and it looked so comfortable I had to make it. It was quick, easy, and also a good stash buster. Very warm too...I just got out of the shower and it's keeping my head warm :)
Here's the link for the pattern:
I also had finished the sweater I mentioned, but took it out because it fit poorly. I think I will modify the half double crochet portion and I am going to make it smaller to fit better. However, it will probably be a while until I try the pattern again.

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