Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quick Christmas

This is a really quick post because I have been running around like crazy for the holidays and I have to leave for work soon.

These are two hats that I made for a newborn twin shoot. The pattern is completely from scratch for the hats and pom-poms. I've very excited on how these turned out :)

This was to dress up an ordinary ornament. Size 10 thread.
These I whipped up for my half-step niece(?) or i guess niece for short for xmas. I think they turned out really cute, and I'm actually kinda jealous. lol. I may make some in the future for myself, but just not with the silver clips. Probably on bobbie pins :) I made them just white and red for Xmas, but I figured that she could wear them any time of the year too.


  1. Hi Stephanie!
    So I decided to come and visit your crafty blog and I love what I see!!
    The twin Xmas hats I'd wear in a heartbeat!! lol!!
    And you live in Okinawa Japan? Holy molie!! One of our dearest TB gang friend lives there too! Are you on a base?
    Oh wow!! :)
    Anyways, don't fret, since there's no TB notifications I decided to show you this thread instead hun...
    ok it's in the Disscussions Forum under Tb Community, from ThatShannonKid:)
    I Also linked it to your username messages. Just click on your username and there we leave notes for eachother:)

    Thank you for your support Steph!!! :)
    oxoxo your pal, Tany