Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mostly hats

Sorry I was MIA last week. I just started a new job and was exhausted last week. Here are the goodies I made:

Okay, I didn't really "make" anything with these, but they are cardboard circles that I cut from the big boxes so that I can make some wreaths for xmas. I have some things in mind, but not 100% sure. I used a pin and measuring tape to mark the cardboard like a compass.
This is actually April Draven's Dark Faery Slouch hat. Sorry for the sideways picture. It turned out differently than I expected, but I think I still like it.
Another pic....sorry if these pics are bad. It's pretty much a stocking cap type of deal.
This hat turned out ridiculous. Too big and it looks weird on my head, lol. I will be taking this out and making something else.
I also made another slouchy hat, similar to the red one made out of cotton, but I decided since I already had one in a similar color so I didn't need it. So overall, this week was not a good week for crochet, lol. I'm hoping for better results next week!

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