Tuesday, September 21, 2010

working on home improvement....

Here's what started it all:
We went to my bro-in-law's wedding and they had these rose petals sitting on the table, so I decided that I wanted a rose-petal curtain. It turned out really nice. Definitely added to the ho-hum bathroom. Jokingly hubby said 'What about my bathroom'?.....so then it kept going!

This was originally going to be a binary clock (it started as one of those $10 clocks from almart), but I gave up when I messed up the numbers....I actually like it better this way. It is complete with resisters, springs, fuses, and miscellaneous parts from god knows what.

This was a perfectly good working CD drive that I got from my mom. It is now wall art. I think I may go in with white paint and lighten it up a bit to match the clock better.

This is actually the door to the shower covered in CDs that were scratched.

I'm planning on working more on the bathroom and have other ideas in mind.

This is a shelving unit I got from my great grandma. I never really liked it that much, I nabbed it for the function. Originally it was all white. Now it is black on top with black edges on the shelves...I like it much better now!

My husband though these CD towers were the coolest ever, spray painted them black and silver, and they have sat around the house for about 5 years. I finally convinced him to get rid of them, but then I came up with the idea to make them into shelves, by using empty CD cases as the shelves.

I'm still working on more home projects so stay tuned!

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