Wednesday, August 25, 2010

busy with reconstruction :)

okay, so i recently moved to japan from the states and have yet to find job or friends :( i have had LOTS of time on my hands, so reconmania!!!! please excuse the hair...i slept in braids and still have not fixed my hair today so i really don't look that shmucky. i also just realized that i did one more recon that was a long skirt and i made it into a short skirt, but nothing really interesting so i figured no pic was needed. i'm going to use it as an underskirt for when i make crochet skirts :)

So this first one was from a button down, and it was originally a dress, but i didn't like the way it was looking, so snip snip :) i had to fix the boob area about 4 times because they have a mind of their own. anyways though for as many issues as i had, i think it turned out really well, but i need something more than just the tiny ribbon because it digs into my neck for, again two obvious reasons. The pic is a little blurry so you may not see there is a bow in the middle of the top too.

this one i picked up from GW and it had no shape to it. i have a little tummy and it made me look bigger than i was (or maybe i was just self-conscious). but anyhoo, i just traced a shirt that fit better instead of pinch and pin method. i was still not satisfied though b/c it was a plain shirt, so i whipped out the fabric paint and had some fun.

close up of the fabric paint...really pleased at how it turned out :) it kinda reminds me of henna.

this is another button down recon. i got this shirt for free, and pink is usually not my color. but i pinched and pinned because it was too big and gave it a shot. it sat in my closet for a year or so, so i figured it was time to try to recon it again. it can be worn as a cardigan:

or as a bohemian-looking shirt:

i made a shirt before similar to this, but after i made them i found out that it had grease stains on it :( so i figured i would give it another go. it's pretty much two panels that tie in the front and back. after i had the idea, i actually saw someone on cutoutandkeep that had made something similar but a skirt. i will have to look back and find it again b/c that may be fun too:) i actually fond another way to wear it. if you take it and turn it 90 degrees, it makes a very comfy bolero....very comfy. sorry no photo for that though b/c i took all these this morning and i don't feel like trying on any more clothes.

and the back:

this is one of those that has been reconed 3 times, but it's a pretty color so i can't let it go. it was originally a wrap shirt, then it just crossed over in the front, then a wrap shirt again. it is now one of those cardigans that has the triangular panels on the sides that hang down.

the detail of it. it has the black zig-zag stitch all around the sleeves and neckline down to the ends of the panels.

this was from hubby's polo, very comfy too!! i finished it and was all excited until i found some stains and was totally bummed. so i turned to YO-YO'S!! haha, no one will every know....except for you!

this one reminds me of indian fabric or something, but it was just a curtain. i started with a regular layered skirt since it was see though, but decided it was way too boring, so this is what resulted. i am still not satisfied with it though. any suggestions would be appreciated....i may put some white bows on it or something....hmmmm

this one was supposed to be quick and easy...not. it was a pillowcase, so i was like ya i can do this with the intent of making a panelled skirt with a ruffled bottom. but i have a big asset that did not allow me to (bigger than i thought). i loved the color so i couldn't give up. it had to be lined b/c it was slightly see through too. so after much cursing and squeezing, it turned into this. i think i may still do a white zig-zag on the top layer. it seems like it needs more, but i'm not sure. i need some feedback on it.

this was actually a quick one. this was left over scraps from my bridesmaid dresses that i meant to make a skirt with. my machine was acting up (stitches weren't even and you can kinda tell since it's jersey knit), so i didn't know what i should do. then i realized, hey, this is the infinity scarf! so project done, yey!

okay, last but not least :) this started out as a dress i made, but it was a bubble dress. something that people with a big asset don't want, b/c it makes everything look bigger. so i ripped it apart and used the top, scraps, yo-yo's and some ribbon to make it :) i think i may like it with a tank top underneath...i was too lazy to take it off from all the other trying-ons

thanks for looking, and any feedback is appreciated :)

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