Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lots of photos and projects!!

This is going to be a long, but a quick post....more pics less talk. I recently started a new full time job, so I haven't been able to post all the time so here are the projects that I've been working on:

This is a barefoot actually has butterflies on it.
These were pinstripe pant, now a skirt w/buttons

The next picture is of a shirt that I looks like that in the front, but not as low. I crochet the flower necklace, and single crochet around the hoop earrings.

I made the thread earrings. The blue shirt is a shirt that used to be my mom's...I made it so it was two rectangles, tied them together at the top with ribbon so they had flutter sleeves, then sewed two pieces to the front on either side and repeated for the back. That way I can tie them on separately.

I also crochet this snood with kite string.


  1. Love the thread earrings!!!

  2. I second on the thread earrings you should sell thoes on the esty account!!