Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas present....well some of them....

This was my big project. It was a granny square afghan that I made for my boyfriend's dad and his fiance. You can't tell in the picture, but it has green in the middle, red, and then white. It is much more vibrant in person. I made it look a little like poinsettias. It ended up taking me about a month to complete and I sewed it together instead of crochet. I almost was unable to finish it because I ran out of red, and with it being the holidays, red is in short supply. I finally found the skein that I needed after going to 2 Walmarts, Joann's and Michaels.

This was a last minute gift for the kitties. It's a squid that I crocheted, stuffed and put cat nip in it. I found the pattern off of Crochet Pattern Central:

I didn't put on the eyes because I figured they would get ripped off in play. I still may add them later because it looks plain. Needless to say, it didn't make it to Christmas. The cats found it on a shelf the night I finished making it.

I also made a cute ornament that is a wreath made of bells. I took galvanized steel wire and bent it in a loop and put bells on it. I made a loop on either end so I could connect it and put a bow at the top. It turned out really cute. Sorry no picture. It was a present for the neighbors and they already put their Christmas stuff away.

I will post the rest of the gifts next week, as I have two bunches of very ripe bananas that need to be made into bread :) Happy Crafting!

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