Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Once a week (look away little kids)

I decided to post once a week since I have been aggressively working on projects, which leaves little time to actually post progress. So down to business.....

I recently joined the site which is a knit/crochet website. I found it through one of my free pattern searches (I can sit there for hours searching for new patterns). Anyways....I found a pattern for a thong...and, of course had to make it. It was originally written in a different language, and translated, so the pattern is difficult to follow word for word. I eventually just used it as a guide and was going to rewrite the pattern, but have not gotten to it yet. I used cotton string (used to actually be kite string) and the recommended hook. I was really pleased with how it turned out. Yey, now I can make my own underwear (be jealous, lol)!

I also have been working on my weekend sweater because I am determine to finish it. The pattern is difficult and confusing because it seems to jump around as to what it wants you to do. I ended up taking apart the first piece that I finished and restarted again, twice. This pattern should probably have corrections, but does not. I have the front and back both done and part of one sleeve. It seems that the sleeve is going to be too big, so I may decide to start over again depending on how much bigger it gets. Here is the pattern link again:

I also have finished fifteen out of 20 pinecones (the xmas presents that I previously mentioned). I have to do 5 more but have not yet gotten to the store to get more yarn. They are not decorated yet, obviously, but am happy at how they turned out.

On a sad note, I have discontinued many sewing projects because my machine is acting up again and I have not yet had the time to fight with it :(

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